Sunday, September 25, 2011

Introducing the Prince of Boxley -- A Bull for the Ages

2011 stunner, the Prince. In my many years of photographing elk in Boxley Valley I have never seen a bull like this one. 8x8 irregular, two drop tines. Nearly perfect symmetry. A must-see animal. This big guy is only a satellite bull now, but just imagine him in the next few years.  

He showed up yesterday, part of this second wave that has showed up this week. 

The Prince is a bull you will want to see and want to photograph. He has double drop tines each with two points making him an 8x8. This rack is very rare.  A trophy picture for sure. He looks like a statue outside of Bass Pro -- he is that class. 

I thought at first this might be the Boxley Stud, but he is too small and his eye guards are not quite the same. He is a year or two away from being a herd bull class animal. Let's hope with these great genetics he will breed a lot. 

He is currently in the south end as a satellite to the Boxley Beast's herd. He is too small to be a serious challenger but in a couple of years he may be the new ruler. 

The Prince of Boxley Valley -- A Bull Elk Everyone Must-See

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