Friday, September 9, 2011

Updated Map, Godzilla Revisited, Driving Safety

This morning the elk have moved a bit. One of the herds that were south of the Lost Valley entrance moved north to the Ponca Access fields.

Near the 43/21 Intersection had fewer elk this morning. There are some nice big bulls there grazing heavily readying themselves for the rut.

Godzilla is in the biggest herd. It is in the field bounded on the south by Smith Creek. He was moving his cows out this morning at 9AM, shortly after the sun hit the field.

This weekend promises to be great elk viewing. Unseasonably cool weather will hold up according to the forecast. Rain is possible, but elk love rain.  If it rains, viewing could be extended.

I got a better picture of Godzilla, he is an 8x6. A couple of his points are small and a little tough to see. The rule of thumb is that if you can hang a ring on a point, it counts. He has a point behind one of his eye guards -- this is tough to see unless you are up close.

Remember to drive slowly through the valley. The picture to the right is of a couple of spike bulls jumping in front of a van that I felt certain would hit them.  The van was just out of the frame to the right and approached them at 60+ MPH.  That is nuts. This miss was real close. I recommend 45 MPH tops, and when you see elk grazing on the roadside, just creep past them. Elk will bolt in front of you unexpectedly. Elk are huge animals and an accident could kill them and you.

9/9/11 herd locations map:

Updated 9/9 AM
Copyright Michael Dougherty 2011

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