Saturday, September 10, 2011

Elk Rut News 9/10/11, Has Hacksaw Arrived?

A nice crowd was in Boxley Valley looking at the elk. My rough count would be at least 20 elk fans, 10 vehicles, mixed roughly 40%/60% between viewers and photographers respectively. Most were enjoying the show at the south end. I recognize many of the faces as traditional elk fans from Arkansas and Missouri. Welcome elk fans to the big dance of 2011.

Is This "Hacksaw"? If so, this is his 5th year in front of my lens.
I believe the big bull I got crossing the river on the 6th to be Hacksaw. I need to review my photos from other years. Hacksaw has given me many photos dating back to 2007. It is fascinating watching the bulls across years. I will have a verdict in a couple of days. For now, he has disappeared in a back field with his harem after kicking off the 2011 rut. Last year Hacksaw could not stand up to the challenge of big bulls that arrived later.

Godzilla and Hacksaw are the first two big bulls of the 2011 season. I saw another this morning, but did not get the shot. Heading out this evening for another go at him. I am putting together a 2011 list of the biggest rutting bulls. I hope to have it published by the end of next week.

Saturday morning was perfect elk viewing weather and the elk did not disappoint. Godzilla put in an appearance with his harem down at the south end. This is the third day running he has been in that field.

The reliable 43/21 intersection fields were loaded up with bull elk. I saw a new bull this morning that looks like a big herd bull class bull in that area. Otherwise, there appear to be at least 5 bulls in the 5x5 and up class.

Mid valley at the back of the field is another herd with a nice bull. This herd hangs back far from the road on private property so getting decent shots except landscapes is unlikely. This herd will no doubt move soon to other fields as the forage is exhausted. There will be more to report then.

9/10/11 Map Update 

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