Wednesday, September 28, 2011

9/28/11 Elk Herd Location Report

Scene from Bull Fight by Smith Creek
Nice prime time action this morning with lots of bugling and one bull fight. The number of visible elk herds is down from 7 to 5 this AM. This is a very dynamic time and herds will move around a lot. Apparently a couple of the herds headed off to the back fields.

The fight I saw this morning was between a couple of big satellite bulls in the south field by Smith Creek. These guys are a couple of years away from being dominant herd bulls, and they fought like herd bulls. I only caught the tail end of the fight, but I got a real decent shot.

The south end down by Smith Creek remains the best place to view and photograph elk. While all the bulls in the valley are bugling, there is a lot more bugling in the south end due to the concentration of satellite bulls.

There is a calf elk that is graze along roadside by the mill pond. It has been accompanied by a couple of orphaned whitetail fawns. Watch for these and drive very carefully.

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