Friday, September 23, 2011

9/23/11 Elk Rut Report -- The Beast Has Moved

The field down by Smith Creek on the south end of Boxley Valley continues to be the number one spot for elk watching and photography.  Plenty of bugling and somewhat longer viewing hours in this nice patch of cool weather we are having. There were about 8 cars elk watching and taking pictures this morning.

The herd in the mid-valley area is pretty far back from the road. With the Ponca fields open, I feel certain this herd will be migrating north. I always counsel visitors to drive the length of the valley for this reason. It would not be uncommon for that herd to show up in the Ponca fields overnight. Or not. For example, the Boxley Beast moved his herd over a mile away overnight.

The change for today is that the Boxley Beast has moved his harem out of this field to a back field for the time being well out of viewing distance and on private land. He will be back. His herd's current location has relatively little forage.

We are now entering prime time for elk viewing. The rut is still picking up steam. This weekend should be great viewing, at least in the south end of Boxley Valley.

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