Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Perfect Weather for Elk Viewing & Photos

Godzilla "Challenge Bugling" Maverick in South Valley Area
The latest weather forecast could not be better. For the next week, high temperatures will be in the 60's or at most 70's and rain is possible every day. Elk love rain, they also love overcast weather. This would be the weather I would order if it could be ordered. All day viewing is possible now.

Bull elk fights are likely now. The early part of the rut is when the dominance order is established for the first time in the rutting season. These first fights are more violent because there is no pecking order. I have seen fights during this period last nearly a half hour.

The point of this post is this. Not only is this a great time to see the elk, it is perhaps the best time to see bull fights. Bull fights will occur on and off through the rut, but more now. New bulls are arriving to the rut as well, they are looking for a harem. Often the very biggest bulls arrive around October 1. Often the first herd bulls do not survive the the shakeout after the big boys arrive.

"Maverick", Herd Bull in South Valley Area
Maverick and Godzilla will fight. Will anyone see it or get the picture? All the conditions are right. It will be a good fight, they are of comparable size and they have comparable sized harems. Maybe the real question is will they be able to keep their harems during this initial challenge period.

Plan your stay and get here. We are entering the sweet spot of the rut. This weather only makes viewing better.

If you need a place to stay visit for options. There are still a few cabins available -- fall is a busy time around here. Tent camping at Steel Creek or Kyles Landing (4WD recommended) is another choice. Private, affordable tent camping is available in downtown Ponca at Lost Valley Canoe at (870) 861-5522.

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