Friday, September 16, 2011

September 16 Elk Rut Update

The September 16 elk rut map is below.  Not much changed overnight. There are more bulls arriving every day.

Maverick and his harem continue to be the best elk viewing in Boxley Valley. They continue to hang out in the area near Smith Creek at the south end. The only changes I see day to day are the arrival of some new satellite bulls.

Satellite bulls are generally smaller bulls that hang around the edges of a herd. The herd bull spends much of his time driving them off. Most often satellite bulls are not big enough to challenge the herd bull. I would say that Maverick's herd now has 5 or 6 satellite bulls.

Hacksaw continues to be in the middle valley area. This morning it appeared that his herd was heading south, but that is only my general impression.

Elsewhere there seem to be more solitary bulls. It is not uncommon to see one standing in a field along the valley. As the rut progresses these lone bulls can become quite unpredictable. I have had them jump in front of my car more than once. I still recommend driving no more than 45MPH to give yourself good braking distance.

The fields near the Ponca Access no longer have any cattle in them. I would expect an elk herd to show up there in a few days. Always check the whole valley for herds before choosing one for viewing or photography.                                                

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