Tuesday, September 27, 2011

9/27/11 Map -- Same Bull Elk Pattern as Yesterday

The elk herd location map for 9/27/11 is below.

Bull locations and IDs same as last entry. Yesterday there was a confirmed fight in the field just north of Smith Creek. The Boxley Beast squared off for a long fight with (I assume Godzilla) and won after a 15-20 minute battle. The Beast is a dominating bull and he is proving it in 2011. That south field is probably the best forage in the valley now, other fields have been hayed. The Beast put down roots and he is staying for sure.

Great viewing and lots of bugling. The south end remains the best viewing. Fights can happen any time as the bulls are now working out their pecking order for 2011. Usually the early part of the rut has the most bull fights, but they are still rare.

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