Sunday, September 18, 2011

9/18/11 Elk Rut Report

Good elk viewing this morning, outstanding at the south end near Smith Creek. The Boxley Beast continues to control the south herd, but he has many challengers. This morning there was a lot of bugling and we could hear one fight that took place in what seemed like the river bed. This south herd remains the most likely spot to see a bull fight. These fights are never common, but it is clear when the conditions are right for one as they are now.

Elk are scattered elsewhere across the valley. Mid-valley is a second good sized herd. There is a small herd that has entered the Ponca fields, something I predicted. It was not clear to me how large the Ponca herd is because it was partially in the woods along the river.

This remains good elk viewing weather. Any weather below 80 degree highs is pretty good. The overcast skies favor the elk viewing because elk dislike direct sunlight except in very cold weather.

Visitors wishing to hear elk bugle should go to the south end by Smith Creek. That herd bull, the Boxley Beast, is fending off many challengers and they are bugling often. These challengers are the key to frequent bugling, herd bulls elsewhere in the valley are bugling, but it is comparatively less common.

Elk Herd Positions in Boxley Valley 9/18/11

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