Wednesday, September 21, 2011

9/21/11 Elk Rut Report & Map

Things are in flux now in Boxley Valley. Cattle have been relocated so there will be a change in elk movements.

The south field between Smith Mountain Road and Smith Creek remains the best place to see elk. Yesterday the field held two herds, today it was one -- clearly the second herd had moved. The remaining herd is the Boxley Beast. There is still a lot of bugling in the south valley area.

I suspect that the moving herds will show up at the 43/21 intersection fields and/or the Ponca fields in the next couple of days (or sooner). North is the logical direction for movement under these conditions.

On the good news front I spoke with some people from Missouri who saw the Bubba Stud bull last evening. I have not seen him yet, but it is good to know he is around and participating in the rut. He has a distinctive large drop tine and a collar making him easy to ID. Perhaps he has taken over Hacksaw's herd as he did last year. I will share pictures as soon as I get them.

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