Thursday, September 29, 2011

When Kindness Kills

Help Us Protect This Calf Elk
This photographer, like many others, was approached by this calf elk. Someone, surely not her, has been feeding this orphaned calf elk and he is now tame.

I alerted the AGFC through the Ponca Elk Education Center of this situation. At this time the plan is to get this calf relocated. He is currently along Highway 43 near the Mill Pond.

Please avoid contact with this animal. If you visit, be on the alert for him. He will not avoid traffic well and is a danger to himself and others.

All the cautions I have offered about driving slowly in Boxley Valley should be doubled during the rut. This tame calf just makes things more dangerous.

Please drive at 40MPH or slower. I drive in the 30's in areas where I know elk are. During the rut amorous bulls run everywhere, and like this calf, they are not so careful. Go slowly and be safe. The 6 miles of Boxley Valley can be driven in under 10 minutes at slow speeds. Going 55 is insane during the rut.

Let's hope this little guy will survive long enough to be relocated.

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