Monday, September 5, 2011

New Elk Location Maps on Arkansas Wildlife Photography

Effective today, I am publishing monthly elk location maps on These will list herd locations by date. The posted dates in red show the herd locations.

Bear in mind that while elk may be in a field or group of fields for a week or more, they can quite suddenly move. This map and these dates should help you locate elk more quickly, but I always recommend checking the whole valley with each visit.

This map is representational and not exact in scale. I have relied on major landmarks and roads as reference points.

I will add new dates as I visit the valley. This map should be very readable on mobile phones for those who choose to carry the information with them.

Today there were many more elk after an extended period of practically none. During the upcoming rut we can expect to see the Boxley Valley become more lively. The rut is now just two weeks off.

I intend to update this map every few days.

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