Tuesday, October 11, 2011

10/11/11 Elk Herd Location Map -- 4AM Report

I saw only one herd this morning in my survey. Today I had to get out very early, 4AM, due to other demands on my time. I know from many years of elk watching, that super early you will see animals along the roads grazing under the cover of darkness. They will generally be in the same fields after sunrise.

There is a herd in the mid-valley quite early, and there is a second behind the Mill Pond. Stragglers elsewhere. There is still pretty heavy fog in the early morning.

It is not unusual to have a pause like this during the rut. It always amazes me how great viewing can change overnight to slim pickings and vice versa.

I would not rule out seeing elk in the south field by Smith Creek or elsewhere -- they are just not there this morning. They do move around a lot looking for food, perhaps more so this year because of our drought conditions. These conditions would tend to put them along the roads because those areas have low grazing pressure at most times. Under the full moon, often they feed nocturnally so this can reduce viewing opportunities.

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