Tuesday, October 4, 2011

10/4/11 Elk Herd Location Update

As predicted, there is now a herd back in the Ponca fields after the haying was completed. Pretty Boy and his harem were out in force this morning in the second field south of the Ponca Access. He was pretty upset and agitated by a few satellite bulls nearby. I would not be surprised if he was ousted as he is still a bit on the small side for a herd bull. I shot some video footage, not sure when I will post it.

The south field by Smith Creek remains the very best field. This morning the Boxley Beast continued to be at the south end of the field with his harem. Godzilla was at the north end of the field and there were many satellite bulls. Godzilla appears now to be a satellite bull. There is a third herd bull near this field, I could hear him bugling this morning, but he never revealed himself to me. I posted myself along an elk trail hoping for a crossing. He did make a lot of noise. Maybe I will get him tomorrow. My suspicion is that he is Maverick, but I only call them when I see them.

Mandy's bull fight video has been viewed over 100 times already. It shows the power of monster bulls when they really fight. Worth a look if you have missed it so far.

The first little patches of fall color are now emerging. I have always preferred early color, and late color to peak color. I like the mix of color better with some greens. I would guess we will have enough color this weekend to call it early color. With the prolonged drought we had last summer, fall color is anyone's guess this year.

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