Sunday, October 9, 2011

10/9/11 Elk Viewing Map & Report

For the second day there has been real heavy ground fog in the morning in the south field by Smith Creek. There were two herds there this morning, but you really had to look hard to see them, and most people would probably not see them.

Until these fog conditions abate, I will have to rate the Ponca field as better for morning viewing. As far as evening viewing goes, I would still favor the south end by Smith Creek. I much prefer the natural look of that field, plus there are more elk there. Bugling is more common on the south end too because there are more satellite bulls there. This fog will not be a problem in the evenings.

This morning, the bull and harem in the Ponca fields were visible until after 10AM. I think the reason is that they were trying to cross the road to get to a back field. For that reason, I think there is an even chance there might not be in the Ponca fields tonight. This kind of movement is normal.

There are elk scattered across the valley, but only 3 herds. I think this warm weather has the herds hanging back in the hollows along the river. My guess would be that with the next cold snap there will be many more elk showing up for the rut.

Updated Elk Herd Locations

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