Saturday, October 8, 2011

10/8/11 Elk Herd Location Map & News

This morning there were two primary elk viewing herds, one just south of the Ponca Access, and a second bordered by Smith Creek on the south end of Boxley Valley. 

There was a lot of bugling at the south end even though today it was socked in by heavy morning fog. Unseasonably warm temperatures cause the elk to leave the fields around 8AM. Current temperatures are about 8 degrees above seasonal normals. 

Last night the elk came into the fields at 5PM. In the evening there were a couple of more small herds than we saw in the morning session. 

I still rate the south field as the best place to see and hear the elk. The tall grass of the south field is better for photos. There are more satellite bulls around the south field and that stimulates more bugling. 

The Ponca field is good, and there is a decent bull there. I learned today that the Bubba Stud is hanging around in this area so there could be a bull fight there as well. Bubba Stud is a ferocious bull so it is worth keeping an eye on his movements. If the past is any indication, only the Boxley Beast can handle the Bubba Stud. 

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