Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Updated Herd Map & Narrative 10/5/11

Lots of bugling this morning, especially at the south end of Boxley Valley.

The map below lists 3 herd locations for today, but if the bugling is any indication, just off the map in the Upper Buffalo Wilderness there were at least two more. I think one would certainly be Maverick and his harem, the second I would not have a guess.

Pretty Boy and his harem remain in the second Ponca field. I believe they will be in that position for some time unless cattle are moved there to graze. This morning at around 7AM, he and his harem were pretty close to the fence.

In the south end the Beast continues his reign. Godzilla is running a small herd on the north end of the same field. Since these two have fought at least twice, I would think more fights are possible. There are many satellite bulls working these two herds. I have not seen Prince for a couple of days, but I am sure he is in that area.

I filmed my second river crossing today, but it was a small group. Beautiful setting. I hope to get at least some of it posted by the weekend.

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