Thursday, October 6, 2011

Weekend Elk Viewing Preview -- 10/6/11 Elk Herd Map

Conditions and herd locations are now set in a new pattern that should last through the weekend. The weather this weekend looks pretty much just like today. Monday there is a 20% chance of rain, we need rain badly again.

Somewhat warmer weather has viewing times compressed. This morning elk viewing in the fields was pretty much done at 8AM as the elk were migrating to shaded bedding areas. Elk dislike sunlight on these warmish days -- we are a bit unseasonably warm right now. There were people this morning viewing the elk at daybreak and they saw plenty of them.

The field just north of Smith Creek remains the best place to see the elk, however, this morning at daybreak the herd in the Ponca field was close to the fence along the road. There are straggling animals here and there, especially satellite bulls looking for a harem.

Sunrise along the river was beautiful today. Early fall color painted reflections on the pooled-up river. I personally prefer early color because the canopy will have more obvious patterns with some trees in full color, and others still green. It was magic out there today.

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