Friday, October 14, 2011

Elk Returning -- 10/14/11 Herd Location Map & Report

This morning I found the Boxley Beast and his harem in the field just south of Smith Creek. My conversation with visitors from Missouri indicated that he and this harem were just north of Smith Creek last evening. The really good news is that they are rotating back north, presumably in search of more food.

Otherwise, Boxley Valley is largely unchanged. There is a herd behind the mill pond, and straggler elk elsewhere in the mid-valley area. These herds will become more visible because there is simply not enough forage to stay in one place for an extended period of time.

The Ponca fields were vacant this morning. I thought it was possible that the herd would be back. I am certain they are up the hill from those fields and they will return soon.

What about this weekend?  My guess is that the viewing will be good, and depending on how the elk move, it might be very good. If you are on the edge of coming, check out my blog entry tomorrow morning for an update. If you are coming, or if you are already here, the viewing action is at the south end of valley from the trail head to about a half-mile north.

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