Wednesday, October 12, 2011

10/12/11 Elk Herd Locations -- Rain

Elk viewing remains below normal. Only two herds and they are back from the road and not very large. There is one herd in the mid-valley area, and a second larger herd behind the mill pond. Otherwise, there are not even very many stragglers.

Elk Watchers in the Middle Boxley Valley Area
Today's rain should stimulate some change. I believe the herds have moved out of the fields primarily because of reduced forage. We have had enough rain to stimulate grass growth. Equally important, the rain signals cooler weather for at least a few days, with a prediction for a couple of nights with temperatures dipping into the 40's. That could move more herds back into the valley. Only time will tell.

I will be monitoring elk conditions each day. I expect a turnaround soon because we are significantly below the multi-year norm right now.

A week from Saturday begins muzzle loader season for deer -- often this drives the elk out of the wooded areas back to the valley. We will see if this pattern holds up.

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