Saturday, October 1, 2011

Boxley Beast V. Godzilla -- The Beast Rules

The Boxley Beast and Godzilla squared off this morning for a 20+ minute fight, starting in the river bed behind the field near Smith Creek, and resuming right in front of us. It was a rip snorting real deal bull fight. The two battlers are well matched but finally the Beast prevailed, but along the way one of his eye guards was broken off. Now he is a 7x7, no longer an 8x7.

This is the third fight in this field I know about in the last week.

As long as these two share the same field there will be fights. This is at least the second fight I know of between these two dominating herd bulls. So far the Boxley Beast has fought off all challengers. The rut is a long season and will continue at least through the month. Only time will tell if he can go the distance again this year and have a harem to the end.

I am working on an October map. It will be posted in a couple of hours. This morning there were elk only at the opposite ends of the valley. One herd near Ponca, and two in the Smith Creek Field (Godzilla's and the Boxley Beast's). While the Beast won the fight, Godzilla still is running a handful of cows.

Prince also made an appearance.

VIDEO. My wife Mandy cut her teeth on video last night, and this morning taped most of this bull fight. She is editing it now and it will be posted today. Visit later to see a video of the fight and the new October map.

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