Sunday, October 16, 2011

11/16/11 Pattern Shift -- Elk Herd Locations

As I predicted, a herd did show up in the Ponca fields this AM. Pretty Boy and his harem returned after a brief stay up the bluff to the west. This morning they put on a nice show. There were also 5 satellite bulls hanging around the edges hoping for a wayward cow to join them.

The herd behind the mill pond continues to be very reliable -- easily the most reliable herd over the last week or so. I do expect them to move into the field adjacent to the south. When they do, there will be much better viewing for this particular herd.

On the south end, the Beast and his harem were out early AM, but gone quite early too, just after 7AM. No doubt we have a nocturnal grazing pattern with this herd. This weeks much cooler weather, beginning Monday night, should make a big difference in the quality of elk viewing there as the week goes on.

I forgot to mention yesterday that I saw a bald eagle flying over the field at the south end. The unmistakable brilliant white head and tail was a treat. It is early for the annual migration, but we do have some eagles that live here all year.

Fall color continues to advance. It is great to have some color show up in elk photos. This is clearly not peak color, but it is the color I prefer. To me fall color is like makeup, it should add dimensionality to a photo but in my compositions it is not really the point of the photo. The point is always the power of the composition and color is only one part of that. The photo is the whole package.

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