Monday, October 3, 2011

Final 10/1/2011 Bull Fight Video

This is a REAL bull fight, not sparring. You can see the energy and the power of these two guys. Before they fought in the field in front of us, they fought in the river bed. I believe it was during this fight the Beast lost one of his eye guards.

Turns out this is about the longest bull fight on YouTube. Mandy and I edited the footage, added the sound back in with editing out some adult comments. This is Mandy's first video, talk about getting lucky with the subject. She did a great job -- it was the first time she used the camera.

I think the funniest part of this video is the satellite bull watching the fight. He got so excited he started bugling himself. As is pretty standard for one of these fights, the satellite bulls take all the cows, or at least many of them. 

This was taken in south Boxley Valley just north of Smith Creek. So far in 2011, this remains the best viewing field. There is no question it is the field where you are likely to see a bull fight. For the time being, these two huge bulls are quite near one another. I know of two fights between them, there have probably been more. 

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