Monday, October 3, 2011

October 2, 2011 Elk Herd Map & Narrative

The elk are taking a breather after being very active this weekend. The Boxley Beast continues to hold down the best viewing field in the south valley area. If you have to pick one spot to see and hear the elk that field continues as the top pick for all of the 2011 rut. It is THE field to see elk fights.

While that field continues to shine, the rest of the valley has calmed down a lot. Without question the rutting elk herds are back in the woods along the river. This is part of the normal rotation for these animals. Haying in a few of the fields in the valley has pushed the elk back for a while.

I had to pick a time for haying, the timing is just about perfect now to avoid impacting next weekend. By the weekend, many elk should return to the valley fields. Of course they don't work for me, and every day can be a surprise.

Please take to heart Saturday's sobering truck/elk accident of 21 near the Boxley Church. It happened just before dawn. During the elk rut all the elk are skittish and unpredictable. The only solution is to drive slowly and be observant. Often elk and deer graze along the roads at the ends of the day. Be on the lookout.

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