Thursday, October 13, 2011

10/13/11 Elk Herd Locations & Update

The elk herd pattern remains about the same. I did hear bugling up on the north end of Boxley Valley near Ponca. I suspect it signals that a herd was on the move back to Ponca fields, but only time will tell. 

It has been a few days since we have had a normal elk show in the Boxley Valley. Does this mean the rut is over? Absolutely not, this is just a mid-rut pattern of elk movement out of the valley and it is nothing to be concerned about. It is now a few days that the herds have been away. Past experience would indicate that the elk herds will be back any day now. 

These field patterns turn around very fast. The rain of the last two nights coupled with the cooler weather should be more than enough to cause the elk to move. If you will recall, the movement out of the fields was due to unseasonably warm weather -- that warm weather pattern has now changed. 

We are now at most only half way through the rut. Things will start to taper off at the end of October, but very good elk viewing continues until the holidays. I filmed a real elk fight November 9th a few years back. Some bull elk will be "running" cows until the first of the year. 

Don't be discouraged. This will change any day now and the big show will continue. There is not a chance that the rut is over. I will continue to report on elk viewing every morning

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