Sunday, September 22, 2013

9/22/13 Elk Herd Map -- First Reported Fight AM

Elk viewing was about as good as it gets this morning with 3 herds in Boxley Valley.  2 were down at the south end on opposite sides of the Buffalo River, fairly close together.  The 2 herd bulls, JYD and Hooks are likely to fight unless they space themselves some.  I would favor JYD in that fight, he is bigger and he is one of older herd bulls. Hooks is a relative newcomer as a herd bull, too small last year, not likely to survive the first round of fights, but we shall see.

There is a pretty large herd just north of the pullout.  There appeared to be 2 pretty good sized bulls with this one herd.  They spilled over into the pullout field.  Could be a fight there anytime as well.

First fight reported this morning at daybreak in the field just north of Smith Creek.  According to the observer, it was 2 5x5's hanging around JYD's harem.  Good news.

The big dance is beginning.  If you have traditionally gone to Estes Park, floods have wiped it out this year.  Time to try Arkansas.  We have arguably got the best elk viewing and photography in our multi-state region.  We are nearby and our lodging is cheap.  Visit for area information and places to stay.  Buffalo National River is the best kept secret in the US.

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