Friday, September 27, 2013

9/27/13 2013 Elk Rut Weekend Elk Watching Outlook -- Bull Fights Anytime

With every passing day we are heading into the peak rut period. Bugling is picking up, and this morning there was some counter-bugling, one of the indications that bull elk fights will become more common. I got a report of a bull fight this morning that was heard but not seen.  Also, someone saw a bull breed a cow.

Both Saturday and Sunday have 30-40% predictions of rain.  This is actually a good thing.  Those conditions could well cut down on the morning fog. It is also true that elk love rain. Rain will extend viewing times as well.

Bull fights anytime now.  They are never common, but now is the time when they happen most often.  Remember to check the entire Boxley Valley before settling on a place to watch elk. Often the first field is not the best, you won't know if you don't check all of them first.

If I had to pick a field where a bull fight might occur, it would be in the field nearest the Ponca Access in the north end.  There are a few bulls kicking around in that zone. This morning the current herd bull, Pretty Boy was nervous and checking the cane line.  He also counter-bugled a bit.  This is the one setup in Boxley Valley right now for a bull fight.  Any day now.  We have all the ingredients.  In my many years of chasing bull fights this is the #1 field.

Bull Elk Fight in 2008
Time to Rumble!   Ponca Field in 2008

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