Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Boxley Stud in 2012, Will He Return?

Around the first of October the really big dogs arrive. Last year's monster bull was the Boxley Stud, a truly magnificent bull with a huge body.  When he arrived, he just took over and was with us for a very long time, both during the rut and in the post-rut period.

One of the great parts of the rut is never knowing for sure what big bull will finally show up. I think the "Stud" will be back with his characteristic huge down tine on his left antler.  The picture below is from the 2012 Rut.  Below it is my best picture of him from the post rut taken at sunrise in frost.

Boxley Stud Scanning for Threats 2012 Rut

The Boxley Stud Post-rut 2012

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