Monday, September 9, 2013

The 2013 Elk Rut Is Underway

September 9 elk herd positions below. The two current herds both have herd bulls

Friends the 2013 elk rut has officially arrived and the bugling has begun. Bugling will increase as more cows come into estrous. Peak bugling is a way off still. 

Expect the bull elk fights to begin anytime.  My guess is that bull elk fights are a week away and the majority will be in the following weeks. 

In my many years of following the rut, the most violent fighting is in the early period when the pecking order is being first established.  Roughly that would be from the 2nd week of September through the 1st week of October. This is your official heads-up.  The "big dawgs" arrive around October 1 as a rule. 

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