Tuesday, September 24, 2013

9/24/13 Picture -- Bull Elk by Boxley Valley Barn

This 5x5 bull elk was grazing near the 43/21 intersection.  I like to use this barn as a prop for elk landscapes.  The light was challenging this morning and took my camera to the limits of its dynamic range -- glad I was shooting in RAW. 

Mixed crossing light like this morning's can selectively light up a bull's antlers as it does in this picture. 

This bull is actually a bit small and he will not be a final contender in the 2013 rut.  His antlers have a pleasing shape so he is a good subject.  I expect him to be one of the many satellite bulls when the first round of fights are completed.  He is a couple of years away from being a contender.

Bull Elk by Historic Barn in Boxley Valley
Get Up Early to Capture Light Like This

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  1. awesome blog. thanks for the great info on the elk.


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