Monday, September 23, 2013

9/23/13 Elk Herd Location Map

Today there were 4 herds spread across the valley. Unless you were pretty good at spotting elk you might not see the 4th in the Smith Creek field because of the tall grass.  There are at least 3 herd bulls in the valley.  Hooks has moved near the mill pond,  Pretty Boy has the biggest harem just north of the elk pullout, and JYD is in the Smith Creek field area.  The rut is still revving up, now is the time, and every day will increase the number of cow elk in heat.  Today seemed pretty sedate, but I am sure I saw a big bull migrating down to the valley.

As you can see, the biggest herd is near the pullout.  Expect attacks there from other bull elk who are only now arriving to the rut.  Typically the very biggest elk arrive around last week of the month, and the big dogs around October 1.  Of the current bull elk only JYD looks like he will survive the challenges yet to come.  This is very typical most years.

9/23/13 Elk Herd Location Map in Boxley Valley

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