Monday, September 30, 2013

9/30/13 Elk Herd Location Map

Conditions were better than yesterday, but the pickings are still pretty thin.  At least there was 1 herd visible down by the 43/21 intersection.  This is Little Tine and his harem of 6 or 8 cows.

Elsewhere in the valley elk were scattered. I saw one good sized maverick bull attempting to cross 43 near Ponca, no doubt on his way to the herd up the bluff in a back field. That herd may appear at any time and return to the Ponca fields.  This is a normal rotation.

In the south end there were stragglers around Beech Creek and the Buffalo River. I suspect there is a herd just south of the Buffalo, but they have been holed up for a few days.

9/30/13 Elk Herd Locations

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