Monday, September 30, 2013

Understanding the Cycles Elk Rut Season

The curve below represents the elk rut as a bell shaped curve basically reflecting the number of cow elk in heat.  The very peak of the curve is roughly in mid-October. This will vary a bit from year to year, but as you can see the best of the 2013 elk rut is just ahead and it will continue through November and even extends into the holidays.  The bull elk of course respond to this cycle.

Arkansas Elk Rut Bell Shaped Curve
Like all things natural, the timing of the breeding is spread out as a hedge against calamity. Some cow elk are bred in September, others as late as December, but in both cases they are uncommon.

The very biggest bulls show up when a lot of cow elk are in heat.  We are there now, and it will increase for a few weeks.  Cow elk return to estrous in 30 day cycles until they are successfully bred. The different sized calves you see in Boxley Valley reflect these cycles, with some born from 3rd estrous cycle.

This 3rd Cycle Calf Was Born in August 2010

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