Sunday, September 29, 2013

Predicting Bull Elk Fights Lesson #3: Herd Proximity

Remember this, a herd bull class elk will never imagine he has enough cows in his harem.  This is fundamental. He can have 40 cows and he will think he needs 40 more, or whatever cows are available nearby. I have seen a bull with over 100 cows in his harem.

SO, if there are 2 herds near one another, in the same field, or in a field very nearby, the bulls will either 1) build distance between the herds, or 2) there will be a fight.  If they are in the same very large field, like the 3 big fields I identified in my last post, it is just a question of "when" and not "if" there will be a fight.  This is the very easiest fight to predict.

I consider this herd proximity idea common sense if you understand that the bulls will obtain as many cows as they can. Be on the lookout for this setup and pay close attention. If they stay close to one another a fight can happen any time.

Post Fight Herd Bulls in 2007 -- 43/21 Field

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