Saturday, September 28, 2013

9/28/13 Introducing "Pretty Boy", 6x6 Bull in the 2013 Elk Rut

This morning Pretty Box, a 6x6 bull elk put on a a pretty good show in the fields down by the Ponca Access. He has had better days, he started the day as a herd bull, and now I am pretty sure he has been relegated to a satellite bull.  He had been running cows for about 2 weeks. No matter, if the past is any indication, Pretty Boy will be one of the late season herd bulls.  I have been observing and filming Pretty Boy for 3 years or so.  He has great symmetry and is a handsome bull elk. 

One of the interesting things about the elk rut is that there are so many intertwined cycles.  In the early rut, smaller bulls run the herds until the big bulls arrive. Late in the rut, these same small bulls often return to herd bull standing after or late in the second estrous as the big bulls wander off.  Bulls like Pretty Boy are not quite big enough yet to compete with the big guys. 

The next couple of days will tell us Pretty Boy's status. I am pretty sure he is no longer a herd bull, but only time will tell. 

Pretty Boy Posing

Pretty Boy Attempting to Control His Harem

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