Thursday, October 10, 2013

10/10/13 Elk Herd Location Map & Report

There were 3 main locations to see elk this morning. The herd in the Ponca fields was holed up in the second field down from the access.  A second herd was tucked in the south corner of the 43/21 field.  The third and most visible small herd was led by the herd bull Hooks who was very cooperative again.  There was very heavy fog this morning, but elk viewing extended well past when it lifted.

I expect the Ponca field to be good tonight, and it remains teed up for a fight. There are many bull there so unless the current herd moves off to a back field expect to hear a lot of bugling. New bulls are now moving along the river to join the rut.  Fights about anytime.

If photos are what you seek, go to the south end and visit Hooks.  He is a very nice bull and for the time  being at least is pretty cooperative. You can get pretty great closeups there.

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