Friday, October 25, 2013

Boxley Mill Pond from the South in Fog

Foggy weather is a great time to experiment with soft focus as given by nature. Under the right conditions you can create images that are very dimensional and moody.

This is the Boxley Mill Pond shot from the south end with my 400 mm lens. To my eye, it is painterly, and if I painted I would be going for this now and then. This morning Boxley Valley offered up some amazing landscape possibilities.

Boxley Valley Mill Pond from the South

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  1. Wanted to say thanks for this Blog. My wife and I are from Olive Branch Miss. and have been following your blog for quite some time. I finally was able to get my work schedule where we could come up there and me try and photograph some Elk.
    Due to the information in your blog, we arrived on the 19th and that afternoon I was able to take photos of multiple bulls, a pair sparring and listen to several bugling and got what are some amazing shots.

    Our plans were to be in the area for two days and had plans for the rest of the week, we left on Monday, but then changed our plans for the end of the week, and returned to the area for two more days.

    I was one of the crowd shooting the two bulls at the barn south of the Mill pond this morning, and though I did not see your blog until tonight, I shot the 7 x 7 this afternoon in the field exactly where you predicted. Thank you so much for sharing the information with those of us less fortunate that live away from this area and are not able to pattern the Elk like you have been able. I feel strongly that your blog was a major reason I am taking home 3 full 8 gig cards of Memories. Thank you!!! Bill and Robin Hampton


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