Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Beaver by Ponca Low Water Bridge Today

This morning at the Ponca low water bridge in the Ponca Access we saw no otter, but there was a very large beaver there.  He lumbered around for a while and headed up river.  The easy way to see the difference between a beaver and otter is the tail, beaver have flat short tails, otter have long slender tails.  With a little experience it is easy to see that otter have slender and long bodies.  

It was a treat to see this big guy. According to visitors, when they first visited the bridge he was sitting on it. Along the river beaver often live in the banks like otter.  Dams are fairly common in the tributary creeks.  There is a live beaver dam behind and just east the elk education center. 

Big Beaver in the Buffalo National River

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