Sunday, October 6, 2013

Recent Elk Fight Video & Facebook Page

One of the most dedicated elk photographers in our area, Andy Favors, was kind enough to share a bull fight video that he shot in the Ponca fields a couple of days ago. This is the same herd that was visible this morning in the Ponca fields. As I indicate on my maps, this field is #1 for bull fights for many years running due to its habitat setup.  This is a real fight, not sparring. You can tell by the leg drive and the energy.  Thanks to Andy for sharing this video on YouTube.

Also, Andy created a Facebook page for Arkansas Elk. He says there are now 600 members, reflecting the explosion of interest in Arkansas elk and the Boxley Valley area.

Andy will be selling his elk photography at the Ponca Elk Education Center's 2013 Color Fest, October 18-19, 10 to 4:30PM at the Center. I encourage you to stop by and talk to him. He is one of the knowledgeable photographers working the Boxley Valley elk herd.

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