Friday, October 11, 2013

Weekend Outlook for Elk Viewing

Rain is predicted for this weekend and temperatures will remain in the 70's until they downshift to the 60's starting Monday with nighttime lows in the 40's.  Most predicted rain will be for Saturday AM and it tapers off to the evening and the chance is only 20% for Sunday. 

Here is my call.  First, elk like rain and if you follow them over the years like I have you will see them play in the rain and even splash one another in puddles.  They don't like thunderstorms and will head for cover, often well ahead of the storm.  Thunderstorms are possible late tonight and Saturday morning. After that the weather should be OK for Saturday night viewing, and all day Sunday if this forecast holds.  That is what I expect.  

This weather could knock down the morning fog we have been having. There is some wind predicted too and that will help. 

Next week we are back into prime elk weather -- 60's daytime, 40's nighttime.  This year the cool weather has always been a plus.  We are in the peak period of the rut now, next week looks pretty good if the forecast holds. 

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