Friday, October 25, 2013

10/25/13 Elk Herd Location Map & Report

Absolutely beautiful morning in Boxley Valley.  As the fog lifted there were photographers all over the valley shooting elk, trumpeter swans, and landscapes of the old barns.  Very nice crowds all week as elk and fall color brought them in.

This morning very early the Ponca field was vacated and the elk moved up behind the bible camp on private property. They will be back, maybe tonight.

The best shows this morning was near the highway 43/21 intersection, and down at the deep south end by the upper wilderness trailhead.  The small bull herd was at 43/21 and did some posing by the old barn there then moved all around the field to the delight of a nice crowd.

In the south end Junk Yard Dog (big 7x7 bull) and his harem showed up in the field, then moved north to the river later in the morning. It is quite possible they will show up in the Smith Creek field this evening.  You definitely will want to see this big bull.

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