Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Think Creatively About Head Shots

Here are 2 different elk head shots of Hooks taken just a couple of minutes apart.  I want to talk about getting outside the box a bit in your elk compos and shooting something besides elk standing sideways in a whole body shot.  In this case it is about getting in close for head and shoulder shots.

Pretty Standard Head Shot -- Note Eye Detail, It Matters
Tip #1  There are lots of ways to shoot elk besides frame filling whole body shots.  If you get in close you can capture some emotions in some shots. The eye in Hooks above makes this shot. The limbs on the left are deliberate to break up the space some.  Soft foggy light casts nice reflections on the antlers. 

A Looking Away Head Shot -- Less Standard, Maybe More Interesting
Tip#2   Looking away shots are permitted. This shot sparks my curiosity because I wonder what he is looking at, or even what he is thinking.  If you are an antler fan, this is also usually a better look at the antlers.  Again, soft light casts a sheen on his antlers.  (I suppose if I got fussy with this I would clone that branch away from his nose a bit.)

As you take more elk shots, you will get away from straight ahead standing shots.  Getting in close is a nice way to break up your routine and explore these animals differently.

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