Thursday, October 10, 2013

Hooks in Pasture 10/10 AM

I don't take too many pasture shots, but this morning Hooks was right there offering 2 road crossings and plenty of poses on both sides of the road. After sorting through my images, I ended up with about 100 that I liked.  This is the first one I processed.

This is a fine bull and he is very photo-cooperative, now for almost 2 weeks. He is down by the Buffalo River at the south end. This opportunity will not last forever, so if you are collecting photos of big elk, Hooks should be on your 2013 list.

A couple of small points about field shots of bulls. It is better if they are facing you just slightly angled off like this picture.  Sharp focus on the eyes is important. Ears forward is perhaps best and slightly up like this. Note his front legs are crossed showing some movement.  He is coming right for you.  All these small things add up.

bull elk
Hooks in Pasture by the Buffalo River

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