Saturday, October 12, 2013

Fall Color Update 10/12/13 -- Landscape Tips

Fall color is picking up speed now and should be very good for next weekend's Color Fest at the Ponca Elk Education Center.  See my earlier entry on the Color Fest.

We are entering the early fall color period when there is plenty of green mixed in with fall foliage.  I love this stage of fall color because it offers so many creative choices.  The picture below is one of my favorite early fall color landscapes.  I think the date on it was October 10 a couple of years back.  I think the variety of colors really adds a lot and draws you in.  That is the essence of early fall color landscapes.  This is where we are at right now and it is changing every day.

Buffalo National River Landscape
Early Fall Color Landscape -- Buffalo River at Ponca Access
Fall color will be very good now for at least a month.

This year think about playing with light in unconventional ways.  This was taken late in the day as the sun was setting.  I think it adds something to see long tonal scales in the bluffs that are often rendered flat.  The dark tones on the left and right create a natural frame that leads your eye around the photo.  Shadows also create a vanishing point on the lower right.  To me, this landscape is emotional.

When doing your compos, think of how a painter would approach this subject. You can bet it would be much more than "point and shoot".

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