Saturday, October 26, 2013

Don't Forget Our Trumpeter Swans -- A Few Tips and Examples

People forget that we have plenty of other animals to photograph besides the elk herd. High on that list are the trumpeter swans on the Boxley Mill Pond.  They often are pretty close to the road and allow close-ups like these photographers are getting.

I have seen these trumpeters on the road looking for crumbs.  A handful of people are feeding them. This places them in harms way. Please don't feed them. It is unhealthy besides getting them up on the road where they can be run down.

Photographers Photographing Trumpeter Swans
If you hang around the mill pond shooting trumpeters there will be times when you get unexpected shots.  Below is an example of one such shot.  I took it after getting skunked by the elk.  This is more of a landscape trumpeter shot.

A Stretching Trumpeter in Morning Fog

Here's another trumpeter picture, same deal, no elk so I kept grinding.  I consider this a lifetime shot as a wildlife photographer.  This is a trumpeter "bowing up" and threatening a coon that wanted to cross a beaver dam.

Trumpeter Hissing at Coon Approaching Beaver Dam in Mill Pond
Here's are a couple of challenging trumpeter shots.  Taking off and landing.

Trumpter Swans Taking Off

Trumpeter Swans Landing
Tip:  Trumpeters will bob their heads and honk before taking off.  If you see this, hang around. 

Tip #2:  If you see them flying around, nearly always they will land back at the pond.  They will fly the whole length of the valley and you can watch them come back to the pond to land.  Understand this, and you can get the landing shot above. 

These shots are possible year round.  If you see trumpeters flying around, get in your car, get to the pond, and see if you can catch them landing, it is a great shot. 

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