Sunday, October 13, 2013

Otter Hunting in Buffalo Sequence

I am still digging through otter photos from my recent shoot.  They are pretty hard to post process because you have brilliant water with highlights and a very dark subject often coated in water.  It was difficult to match up the light to present the photos as a set.

These 2 pictures are in sequence, first showing the otter swimming out from the bank, then all beginning their dives to rake through gravel on the bottom of the pool.  The mother is completely upside down, the juveniles are scoping out their dive.

Otter Swimming Out to Hunt in the Pool -- Mother Leading
The Mother is Diving to the Bottom, the Juveniles are Scoping Out Their Dive
This sequence is pretty typical if you ever get to see an otter family feed.  It is repeated as they feed and relocate. I was lucky to get the mother upside down while the little guys were still looking down. All of this can happen very fast so the timing is impossible. This is in 2 frames maybe 1 second apart.

Another tip.  This is a long subject. I cropped these images to a 12x4 (3:1) format to focus in on the subject.  In both images the bodies of the otter for a soft curve, especially the second photo.  The curve is accentuated by the long narrow image format.

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