Thursday, October 18, 2012

10/18/12 Elk Herd Locations

After a blustery day yesterday, the elk were out in force this morning. The herd remained in Lost Valley and 2 were in the Ponca Fields. A 4th herd returned to the field in the mid-valley area. It is always interesting to observe how animals seem to predict the weather by instinct, often more accurately than any other source. Good bugling in the north valley area.

This weekend should be great viewing. I would expect that viewing will still be best in the mornings and evenings because temperatures will be in the middle 70's of the forecast holds.

I will be posting some pictures from this morning. I got JYD bugling with a steamy breath. It is finally cold enough to get some of these photos.

The 10/18/12 map is below:

10/18/12 Elk Viewing and Photography Guide

10/18/12 Elk Herd Location Map in Boxley Valley, Ponca, AR

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