Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Listen to Locate Bull Elk Fights

It is now prime time for bull elk fights in the buffalo national river region. One of the very best ways to locate a bull elk fight is to listen for them.

There are two ways to listen for a fight. The first one is pretty obvious -- listen for the loud clatter of the antlers. A real bull fight can be heard a half mile away in Boxley Valley. It is quite possible you will not be able to see a fight you can hear after you relocate, but remember that bulls often fight over a large area. Last year when the Boxley Beast fought Godzilla, it started in the river and they moved into view in a few minutes. The fight continued for 15 more minutes in plain view.

The second tip is about the bugling. You may never read this insider secret anywhere else online. When bull elk get ready to fight, they "counter-bugle", meaning they are calling back and forth to each other, and it is clear that they are getting agitated. I listen for two patterns. First, the bugles are back and forth and become more frequent. Second, as the bulls get angry, their bugles get "gravelly" and rough. These patterns set the stage for a challenge and a possible fight.

Most people don't pay attention to what is going on. The key lesson here is to always be alert and use your ears as well as you eyes. If you do, your chances of seeing bull fight go up a lot. Once you see a real bull fight you will never forget it.

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