Thursday, October 18, 2012

Today's Picture 10/18/12

One of my favorite bulls is JYD, Junk Yard Dog. He is in the Ponca fields at the north end of Boxley Valley. This morning he had his harem about in the middle of the fields and they were fairly close to the road. I got him bugling in cold weather. The calf elk in the shot was getting up to leave. Both were rim lit, and the trail of his steamy breath as he bugled made the photo for me. There was only one other photographer to see this.

The best way to get this shot through a fence is to get as low as you can to throw the steam up against the dark backdrop of the woods. Another key is to get there early. It is a tough shot, but at sunrise easy to locate if the elk are out. With rim lighting, it is important to have texture in the shadows.

Bull Elk Bugling with Steamy Breath
JYD Bugling 10/18/12 in the Ponca Fields

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