Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Today's Picture -- 10/23/12 River Crossing

I have shot 8 river crossings so far this year, and it is by far my best year for them. Crossings are about Buffalo River Elk. You really have to work hard to get these pictures. Hiking the river on stone is tiring, much like walking in sand. It can be dangerous, and probably is not for most people. I carry an emergency beacon. Today was one of those days when I got what I was seeking. Yesterday I did not seen a single elk in the same spot.

This picture shows a "slow crossing" where the elk stream out of the pastures and then casually graze their way to their bedding areas. There still are bits of fall color to spice up the images. Off camera is a satellite bull that is hanging around the herd hoping to catch a stray.

My workshops at the Ponca Elk Education Center on Friday and Saturday will touch on getting these shots.

Elk Herd Crossing the Buffalo National River
Elk River Crossing, Buffalo National River 10/23/12

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